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Chamber Kiln 60L - Electric Top Loader

Reference: TOP 60
Brand: Nabertherm
Ceramic firing oven with an attractive design and a top door for easy loading. Excellent cooking, ideal for hobby or workshop. Available in different power and controllers.

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The attractive design, low weight, and convincing price-performance ratio are just a few of the advantages of our top loaders. These models always deliver very good firing results and are the right choice for hobby potters and workshops. Available in different power and controllers.

The particularly energy-saving refractory insulation and energy efficient backing insulation ensure that a maximum temperature of 1320 °C is reached with low electrical connected loads. The tabletop model Top 16/R is also suitable for testing glazes and firing samples.

For intensive professional use, we recommend our rectangular top loaders or chamber kilns with heating from five sides. 


Maximum Temperature: 1320ºC

Inner dimensions:

- Width: Ø410mm
- Deep: Ø410mm
- Height: 460mm

Outer dimensions:

- Width: 600mm
- Deep: 890mm
- Heigh: 850mm

Volumen: 60 L

Power: Available options

2,9 kW
3,6 kW

Electrical conection: 1-phase

Weight: 72 Kg


- Three-layer insulation with highquality, energy-saving backing insulation for low external temperatures and a good energy balance for kilns up to 60 liters.
- Two-layer insulation with durable lightweight refractory bricks and energysaving backing insulation adapted to the maximum kiln temperature for kilns from 80 liters.
- Only insulation materials that are not classified as carcinogenic according to TRGS 905, Class 1 or 2 are used.
- Adjustable lid with quick-release lock and padlock.
- Integrated gas-pressured springs for easy opening and closing of the lid.
- Important data about power consumption and operating hours available via the information menu of the controller.
- Infinitely adjustable air inlet in opening in the kiln bottom for good ventilation and short cooling times.
- Housing shell made from structured stainless steel.
- Durable lid seal (brick on brick).
- Solid state relays ensure low noise heater operation.
- Easy to use controller for precise temperature control, removable for comfortable operation.
- Thermocouple protected in the insulation.
- Connection for an exhaust air pipe (80 mm diameter).

CONTROLLER B400 (Standard Version)

- 5 programs of 4 segments each.
- Additional functions (eg fan or hatch): Maximum 2
- Maximum number of regulation zones: 1
- Self-optimization: 1
- Real time clock
- Concise and simple status reports.
- Data entry by Jog Dial and keys.
- Enter the name of the program (eg "Low Temp")
- Key lock.
- End function to change segment.
- Introduction of programs in steps of 1ºC or 1 min.
- Adjustable start time (eg for night current use).
- ºC / Fº switching.
- Error memory
- kWh counter
- Service hours counter.
- NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controllers: process data recording on USB memory.
- Number of selectable languages: 17

  • Kiln furniture (Recommended)
- 4 shelves Ø650x10mm
- 9 cones 50mm
- 6 cones 100mm 
  • Controller C440 (Instead B400)
Differenc with B400: 10 programs of 20 segments each.
  • Raised base (130mm)
  • Professional robust castors


You can find the Nabertherm product catalog here.

** The image may not correspond to the oven in the article, although it is the same model, the volume may vary and therefore the internal and external dimensions. CHECK DIMENSIONS IN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

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