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Leather regenerating cleansing soap

Reference: 332401 400000
It allows to eliminate dirt and deposits produced by inclement weather and daily use.
Available in various sizes.

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This product is specially created for the purpose of cleaning leather furniture. It allows removing dirt and deposits produced by inclement weather and daily use, which accumulate on the leather over time. The pores of the leather will not be clogged so it will allow you to nourish it in depth by applying AVEL® LIQUID RENEWING BALM. This product has glycerin in its formulation, which eliminates the aggressiveness of the product, preserving all the power of deep cleaning.


It is used on all smooth leathers: armchairs, couches, writing tables, car interiors. "never use it on leathers with hair: suede, nubuck" (for these types of leather, clean them with the OMNIDAIM NUBUCK from the SAPHIR® range.


Moderately soak a soft and damp sponge with AVEL® REGENERATING CLEANING SOAP, rub the leather insisting on dirty or stained places. Rinse the sponge once it is dirty with lukewarm water, drain it well and re-impregnate it again. Renew the operation until the leather is perfectly clean.

Allow to dry for a few minutes and polish with the help of a wool or suede cloth. Grease stains or heavily encrusted dirt that have not disappeared can be removed with the help of the HUSSARDAEROSOL AVEL® STAIN REMOVER.

If, on the other hand, the stains are from a ballpoint pen, use the "STYLO BILLE" AVEL® STAIN REMOVER.


Once the leather is clean, it is advisable to regularly apply AVEL® LIQUID RENEWING BALM (14 colors), enriched with mink oil, in order to ensure exceptional longevity. The leather will thus be embellished and protected against drying out, hardening and cracking of the seams.

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