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Hussard Stain-remover aerosol 150ml

Reference: 004223000
Hussard Spray Stain  removes all greasy stains or equally old greasy dirt without leaving a halo. 150ml aerosol container.

12,04 € + VAT
12,04 €



This product removes, without leaving a halo, all greasy stains (oil, grease, butter, greasy sauces, sebum ...) or equally old greasy dirt (area of ​​the neck and cuffs on leather clothing and in the places where the leather rests). head).
This item is currently the only effective product on the market. In order to be personally convinced of the effectiveness of the product, we recommend pouring oil on a piece of leather and letting it penetrate, after a period of time apply the HUSSARD® AEROSOL STAIN REMOVER. The result will be surprising.


It is used on all clothing, ties, footwear, leather furniture, luggage, car interiors.
It is suitable for all types of leather: smooth, with hair, suede, nubuck ... with the exception of patent leather. Useful for fabrics: silk, wool, cotton, polyester ... with the exception of poplin and waterproofed or retreaded fabrics.


Act if possible quickly on the fresh stain. Absorb as much of the stain as possible with a cloth or tissue. Shake the spray.
Spray keeping the spray vertically 25cm from the stain. Leave to act for 30 minutes for textiles and 2 hours for leathers. In all cases, the white powder must be completely dry before being removed, using a soft cloth or a silk brush. Repeat 1 or 2 more times if the stain has not completely disappeared.

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