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Chamber Kiln 40L - Electric

Chamber Kiln 40L - Electric Horno_70 Horno_interior
Reference: N 40 E
Brand: Nabertherm
Chamber kiln for ceramic firing. The front door makes easly loading and handling. Professional quality. Capacity of 40L. Available in 2,9 kW and 5,5 kW.

Optional equipment in article sheet.


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Chamber kiln for ceramic firing with front door wich makes easly loading and handling. Professional quality. Capacity of 40L. Available in 2,9 kW and 5,5 kW.

Designed as chamber kilns with wide-opening door these models can be easily and clearly loded. The appealing dessign and attractive price are convincing arguments for this kilns series. The heating elements are protected in grooves.

The kilns can be used for ceramics and glass or porcelain or also for simple fusing works. The infinitely adjustable air inlet in the door and the exhaust air opening in the roof ensure good ventilation inside the kiln and reduce cooling times.


Max. Temperature: 1300ºC

Inner dimensions:

- Width: 350mm
- Deep:330mm
- Height: 350mm

Outer dimensions:

- Width: 640mm
- Deep: 800mm
- Height: 600mm (with base + 700mm)

Ref. N 40E: 2,9 kW (1 phasing)
Ref. N 40E/R: 5,5 kW (3-phasing)

Weight: 90Kg

KILN ADVANTAJES (Standard version)

- Heating elements protected in grooves
- Heating from both sides.
- Designed as a tabletop model, base available as an accesory.
- Infinitely adjustable fresh air inlet.
- Scope of delivery includes an option for connecting an exhaust air pipe (80mm diameter)
- Dual shell housing for low outer temperatures.
-Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions.

EQUIPMENT of Controller B400

- 5 programs of 4 segment each.
- Aditional functions (ventilation, automatic hatch) 2 max.
- Regulation zones maximun number: 1
- Auto-optimization
- Real time clock
- Easy and precise status reports
- Data input Jog Dial and keys
- Program name input. (eg. "Low Temp")
- Key lock.
- End function for segment sustitution.
- Step by step programms (1ºC or 1min).
- Start time adjustable (eg. night current use).
- Conmutation ºC/ºF.
- Mistake memory.
- KWh counter.
- Services time counter.
- NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controlers: Fast data register in USB memory.


Kiln furniture set (Optional)
- 4 plates of 340x320x13mm
- 9 support tubes of 50mm
- 6 support tubes of 100mm

Controller C440 (Instead of B400)

Difference with B400: 10 programs with 20 segments each.

Base of 700mm (Optional)

**The image may not correspond to the kiln chamber in the article, altough it is identical model, the voluem may vary and with it the interior and exterior dimensions. CHECK DIMENSIONS IN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS.

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