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White-Leading Wax 250ml

Reference: 3570020
Fill with white wax the grain of the wood with pronounced veins.



LOUIS XIII® CERUSARY WAX fills wood grain with pronounced veins with white wax (chestnut, oak, ...); especially if the wood has been brushed with the LOUIS XIII® BRONZE BRUSH in the direction of the wood fibers. On smoother woods, a patina effect can be obtained.

An original finish filling with white wax, all the rough edges of the wood. Lasaristas and flat surfaces remain the color of wood.


1.Easy application

2.Possibility of cerusising an already waxed furniture

3.Dry quickly: 1 hour


To accentuate the grain, brush in the direction of the wood grain with the LOUIS XIII® BRONZE BRUSH. Leave the wood natural or stain it with LOUIS XIII® WOOD STAIN, even in pastel colors. Apply two coats of LOUIS XIII® WATERPROOFING HARD FUND, sanding each one lightly with LOUIS XIII® STEEL WOOL # 000.


Apply LOUIS XIII® WAX TO CERUSATE with LOUIS XIII® COTTON WICK, insisting hard to fill all the wood grain. Leave as little wax as possible on the surface, rubbing the wood so that the wax penetrates the veins and is removed from the surface. Let it dry for an hour, and finish with a layer of LOUIS XIII® ENGLISH WING PASTA WAX, a quick-drying wax that gives an old-fashioned finish.



MATERIAL: Cotton wick, No. 000 steel wool, bronze brush, English paste wax.

CLEANING: White Spirit (White spirit).

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