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Oxide converter "Magneton"

Reference: 2079
Brand: Blatem
It converts the oxide into a compound that does not allow its advance. They are used on surfaces that are rusted, and that severe surface cleaning is not possible.

Different sizes available.

From 4,82 € + VAT


Single layer oxide converter. It does not allow the advance of rust. It can be repainted with solvent type finishes (alkyd, chlorinated rubber, epoxy and polyurethane).

It is used on rusty surfaces, difficult to perform severe surface cleaning.

  • Appearance: Milky.
  • No. components: One.
  • Density: 1.20 ± 0.10 gr / cc (UNE-EN-ISO 2811-1 and 2).
  • Tack-free: 1-2 hours.
  • Repainted: 24 hours.
  • Theoretical yield: 10 - 15 m2
  • / Lt.
  • Stability: One year in closed original container (between
  • 18-25 ° C).
  • Cleaning utensils: Cleaning with water.


Coarse scale removal by mechanical brushing.


The product is used as supplied. It can be applied by brush, spray or roller. A single pass is sufficient.


Never dilute the product, as it could destroy it.


Maximum recommended storage time: 12 months in its original container, well closed and protected from the elements (covered and at a temperature between 5 and 35ºC)


In 125, 250 ml and 1 liter containers. (Check availability)

** It is essential to follow the instructions on the package label.
For more information consult the product safety sheet.

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