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Essential elements in fine arts. Brushes and paint brushes, stirrers and polonaise brushes for gilding. Articles for painters, decoration and restoration.

Long and short handled brushes and several range of sizes.

The paintbrush is like an extension of paintrs imagination, creating beautiful colors and giving it life. 

There are many different types of paintbrushes for different styles of painting. Each of them has a specific use and task.


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Filbert Brush

A filbert brush has a lot of usage for any painting. It is a flat brush with a rounded chiseled edge. The trimmed corners of the brush give it a crescent shape at the head. It comes in a variety of sizes, so you do not have to worry about the size.

The oval shape of the filbert brush makes it a versatile tool. So you can use them for smooth blending and stroking. This type of brush is perfect for painting leaves, flowers, figures, etc.

Flat Brush

It produces a range of strokes from thin lines to bold ones. They are also used for painting large areas and for blending. Flat brush techniques are useful for creating beautiful mountains or landscapes.
Flat brushes gives you a lot of coverage, so they are fantastic for broad strokes. The amount of area it covers without taking away much from control is what makes this type of brush so popular.

Round Brush

They are excellent for a bynch of techniques including thick to thin lines, washes, and fills. With a round brush, it is effortless to get variations in line width. Apart from the standard round brush, you can also find pointed.round and detail-round to reach a wider variety of effects.
This type of brush is usually smaller than flat or angled brushes and come with a soft edge rounded at corners. They are designed to give you maximum control so that you can focus on different details in your painting. 

Rigger Brush

The filleting brush is also sometimes referred to as a liner brush. It is used for intricate outlining and detailing. Due to the fin tip, this is an excellent brush for lettering too. They can hold a good amount of paint despite being so little. You can create both smooth, continuous strokes and many short, fine detailed strokes.
Rigger brushes come with long sharp bristles. The datail is the main focus of this type of brush. A large paint holding capacity allows you to make smooth and continuous strokes without reinserting paint every few seconds. They are fantastic for creating fine lines.

Fan Brush

This brushes come with a fan-shaped tip as his name shows. The fanned-out bristles of the fan brush are perfect for soft bledning and smoothing without harsh lines.
They are capable of creating beautiful textures that make them an ideal choice for creating realistic grass and trees. That is why this brush is mostly associated with creating natural landscapes elements.

Mop Brush

This type of brush is used mostly for adding colors over large areas and for softening harsh edges as well. You can also use it to remove excess water from your project. A fun way of using it is by dabbing a mop brush in some paint and twirling it to create perfect circles.

Hake Brush

This type of brush is used in Asian ink wash painting. The Hake brush comes with a large wooden handle. The handle is quite broad in this type of brushes. It comes with an extremely fine and soft hair tip that can cover a large surface. The bristles are commonly made from goat hair.

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