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Adhesives & Solvents
The use of adhesives and solvents will allow us to perform different DIY and restoration tasks within the household.

Adhesives can ve used on different surfaces to hold two that were initially separated, or seal any type of crack find in them.

Solvents are used to dissolve different types of elements while helping to control drying properties.

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Adhesives method of use

To use the adhesives it is always advisable to follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer, so we will be making the correct use of these in their bonding properties and drying times.

When using contact adhesives, we have to know that they are very powerful adhesives, and before using them we must know their characteristics. They are flexible products and they dry very quickly, so they stick very quicly.

The first thing to do is clean the surfaces to be glued so that when the surfaces are joined, the product can grip well. Next, we apply the adhesive on the two faces that we want to fix and let them air out for a few minutes.

Then we join both surfaces. It is necessary to be extremely careful so that the position of the surfaces is adequate, since once they are glued it is difficult to separete them again due to the speed of their contact.

Solvent method of use

Within the solvents, each of them has a specific use. Some are used to dissolve paint and to clean utensils such as brushes or rollers. On the other hand we can find a whole range of solvents that are used to degrease, prepare metal parts and generic cleaning of all types of surfaces.

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