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Foam cardboard 100x70cm (10mm) Choose quantity: White - 10 units

5mm thick foam cardboard sheets in a standard 70x100cm format. We have smooth foam board or with an adhesive surface, in black and white colors.
69,75 € + VAT
69,75 €


Foamboard is a material that adopts the rigidity properties of cardboard, and the versatility of paper. It is stiffer than cardboard, and offers many alternatives thanks to the great visual effect it causes.
It is one of the stationery items most used by advertisers, architects, restorers and any sector that needs this light, rigid and easily manipulated material.
Foamboard is a sheet of expanded polystyrene coated on both sides with a heavyweight paper, which makes it easy to paint and trim the surface.
We have both white and black plates, in standard format or with an adhesive surface.
In addition to the 100x70cm plates, you can ask us for a quote for other personalized measures at the email address info@artandcrafty.com
** For transport security reasons, we only ship a minimum of 5 plates. If you need a lower quantity or a different measure, you can contact us by sending an email to info@artandcrafty.com
Painting on foam board:
One of the most common uses of foam board is to serve as a base for painting, since it is a cheaper and more affordable product for beginners than a canvas. Since we are working with a rigid material, it is easy to expose with very little specific material.
In the case of drawing on foam board, we will avoid plastic materials that require a high aqueous base such as watercolors, since this softens the cardboard causing a possible deterioration of its structure or surface. Conversely, markers or dry techniques have an extraordinary finish on this material.
In addition, their surface is perfectly prepared to withstand spray paint, oils, acrylics and tempera, creating large designs in a very easy way.
Mockup with foam board
The work of this material is incredibly easy, only having a ruler, a cutter and a cutting base.

All variants - Foam cardboard 100x70cm (10mm)

Image Variant Choose quantity Price Quantity
Foam cardboard 100x70cm (10mm) Choose quantity: White - 10 units White - 10 units 69,75 € + VAT
Foam cardboard 100x70cm (10mm) Choose quantity: White adhesive - 10 units White adhesive - 10 units 102,10 € + VAT
Foam cardboard 100x70cm (10mm) Choose quantity: Black - 10 units Black - 10 units 39,40 € + VAT
Foam cardboard 100x70cm (10mm) Choose quantity: Black Adhesive - 10 units Black Adhesive - 10 units 118,45 € + VAT

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